SL industries trailers

Simple solutions to camping and weekend breaks


We are now open again to the public but in the interest of maintaining a safer future we will only be taking appointments for visits. SL industries look forward to seeing you all in a safer enviroment and thank you for your understanding.

Whether you are looking for an easy and quick get-away holiday or a step up form the traditional camping weekend SL industries can help.

- safe space for the kids on a camping holiday. 

- Sleeping in comfort during a sporting or festival weekend.

- Second bedroom to accompany your campervan for the growing family

- our Teardrop Trailers provide you with ideal solutions.

These quality built trailers with sturdy welded steel chassis and ACP bodies are easily towed and positioned when arriving at your campsite, our pod-e, Cub and Eyas models are easily maneuvered by un-hitching and simply pushing into position. 

Quality built in at every stage of production and each individually examined and supplied complete with VOSA IVA certification.